Yas is a Canadian-Iranian digital and visual artist who draws inspiration from her personal journey of self-discovery. Her art reflects themes of love, hope, self-acceptance, self-discovery, and embracing vulnerability. She emphasizes that self-love is key to building meaningful relationships and navigating life authentically. Yas encourages viewers to embrace imperfections and venture into the unknown.

In a world where there is a significant focus on external validation and perfection, she invites viewers to embrace their imperfections as part of the beautiful mosaic of life.

Her work has been exhibited and sold at various venues including , including Broken Cage Gallery, Art for Art Festival, Kollective Hearts, and the Toronto Night Market.

Additionally, she has been involved in the NFTs world, with some of her pieces acquired by collectors. She herself holds NFTs by various artists, including the famous Havaianas.

She has been working with Toronto-based photographer and visual artist Briony Douglas and has been part of several projects and brand partnership such as Brown’s Shoes, McDonalds, Red Bull Project for Formula 1, Boots and Hearts Festival, “The Great Wave” by Kinetic Sand, RMHC South Central Ontario, RBC Canadian Open, and The Haunting of Hexwood, Canada's largest haunted town experience.

Yas names her pieces, and her written expressions is evidence of how she shares her vulnerability. “I put a piece of my heart in each piece”, she says.